ANONY Launches New, Flexible Lighting Collection

Toronto-based ANONY is a lighting design studio launched in 2015 by Christian Lo and David Ryan who effortlessly merge functionality with organic forms. There’s a lovely simplicity about each design that’s paired with intriguing details that make you want to take a second look.

Dawn utilizes a trio of plexiglas circles that hang over a suspended aluminum tube. The layered panels create cool shapes and colors when the light filters through, like that moment at dawn when the sun gently lights the sky when it’s just below the horizon.

Ohm comprises an opal glass orb that illuminates with a warm ambient glow with an outer orbiting shade that invites you to interact to change its look.

The Horizon wall sconces look as if they’re floating away from the wall. An inner disc can be pressed in order to redirect the light while still creating a ring of light.

Photos by ANONY, Wendy Pham & Leo Calderon, courtesy of v2com.

Caroline Williamson is Editorial Director of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.