The Apas Monolith Water Cooler Simplifies the Design of Hydration

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The Apas Monolith Water Cooler Simplifies the Design of Hydration

It’s not always easy to remember to drink the 13 cups (men) or 9 cups (women) of liquids per day as recommended by the Institute of Medicine (note: the recommendation doesn’t limit itself to water, but also food and beverages containing liquids, so enjoy that extra cup of coffee or tea). More than any caffeinated beverage, juice, or soda, water continues to be the best bet for healthy hydration and the minds behind the Apas Monolith Water Cooler want to make our daily intake easier than ever.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Apas Monolith Water Cooler in comparison to the average water cooler – one that might be sitting in your kitchen or office break room right now – is the absence of any visible water bottle. The Monolith is designed to accommodate 3 to 5 gallon bottles, but moves storage to the bottom section. The streamlined design not only results in the appliance’s monolithic 2001: A Space Odyssey profile of its namesake, it also improves the ergonomics of emptying and refilling the unit (because as much as we welcome the extra workout of squatting and lifting water bottles, not everyone is strong enough for the switch out).

The Monolith’s most distinguishing feature beyond its improved industrial design is its wi-fi enabled smart monitoring technology (2.4GHz/802.11 b/g/n). Every serving of water throughout the day is accounted for, sending consumption data not only to the user’s connected app (and also the Apple Health app), but also to the Apas Utility server to determine when the Monolith needs refilling and how much should be delivered. The Monolith is outfitted with magnetic valve to prevent any spillage, but in case of leakage the unit will warn owners via app notification.

Other improvements include a touch-free automatic tap and an integrated LED screen that only reveals itself only while in use, but otherwise disappears into the dark background of the minimalist unit. Water temperature is also adjusted according to the ambient temperature, kept at anywhere between 45°-79°F. Pricing isn’t available yet, but Apas founder Vova Alekseev expects a launch in the second quarter of 2018.

For those already data tracking their sleep, calories, and activities, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched an assumption a great deal of health conscious types would welcome a home hydration device like the Apas Monolith Water Cooler.

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