Aquatica Vibe Infinity Hydromassage Spas Are Definitely a Vibe

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Aquatica Vibe Infinity Hydromassage Spas Are Definitely a Vibe

“Nothing is softer and more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.” In a single succinct sentence, Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu captured the duality of life’s most vital element, one capable of instilling the mind and body with a sense of calm, yet also harboring the potential to project its undeniable force. This same dichotomy is apparent in the luxe experience conjured by Aquatica Vibe Infinity Hydromassage Spas, the only hot tubs equipped with both active and passive therapy seating.

If you’ve ever soaked in a stream or river with your back set against in an area where water channels through rocks to a faster and more forceful speed, you might be able to conjure the feeling where water pushes and lifts the body concurrently. It’s a relaxing, yet very physical sensation operating similar to a traditional massage: forceful yet tension reducing. The Aquatica Vibe Infinity Hydromassage Spa hot tub is engineered to recreate that same submerged impression of weightlessness by force with active physical stimulation using another primary element: air.

Detail of 40 powerful whirlpool jets and 24 air massage nozzles shooting bubbly water from spa seating.

The feeling of weightlessness is made possible by the integration of 40 powerful whirlpool jets and 24 air massage nozzles, jetting such sufficient force onto the back and arms to literally uplift the body as much as the soaker’s spirits. Custom-designed stainless steel air jets are strategically positioned on the active therapy seat to lift the bather’s body, creating a sensation of flotation and weightlessness while enjoying a powerful hydromassage on the back and arms.

Aquatica’s secret sauce is their proprietary VorteX Minijets, one based upon something known as the Venturi effect. Water pressure is first reduced inside a constricted section of their proprietary jet fitting. This narrow area generates suction and pulls air from outside to blow hundreds of thousands of tiny air bubbles upward and onto the body, producing a blissful and immersive sensation.

Design model made of foam board with woman laying across it to test ergonomics.

Aquatica’s designers also invested much time to determine the most ergonomic curvature of this hydromassage hot tub spa, tracing the spine while also supporting the legs into a neutral and comfortable position. There’s also a passive therapy seat section zoned parallel for resting or sharing the spa experience.

While designing the active therapy seat, we considered the ergonomic studies of the most comfortable lounge chairs on the market. Various seating positions were considered and tested on people with different body types and heights. The ergonomic study alone took several months to complete. – Sofia Fabishevskaya, Industrial Designer of Aquatica

Spas are primarily associated with the sensations of touch – whether it be heat, the force of water, or buoyancy. But Aquatica added an extra element to their spa experience by integrating multiple perimeter LEDs for an infinity edge effect. It’s intended to infuse the spa vibe with an element of chromotherapy – truly a nod to its namesake.

Overhead render of spa showing green LED lighting.

Taking note residential conditions and aesthetic preferences can differ from home to home, Aquatica smartly designed the Vibe Infinity Spa as both an in-ground model or as a freestanding hot tub. The in-ground edition is minimalist, ideal for sites where the spa shouldn’t impede the view.

Vibe in-ground install overheard view.

Vibe in-ground spa set against oceanfront backyard and zen rock garden.

The freestanding hot tub editions take on a more architectural presence, one available with Thermory wooden ash siding for an organic contemporary design befitting of a modern escape in Big Sur or Sea Ranch. The other siding option is Maridur, a high-gloss composite material originally designed for marine application and ideal for a more modern-urban aesthetic. Joseph Burnstein of Aquatica attributes Maridur’s durable and modern design cabinetry appeal, one requiring little to no maintenance throughout its lifetime.

The spa can be painted any color to complement rather than stick out in a backyard, while also requiring only a minimal degree of maintenance to keep clean.

Designed to perfectly compliment the Vibe’s modern minimalistic appeal, the advanced spa system comes with its own LED-lit capacitive glass keypad for adjusting water temperature, recirculation, anti-freeze, chromotherapy and automatic filtration functionalities.

Detail of Vibe spa touch panel color controls for lighting and jets.

Now here’s one final surprising fact: the Vibe Spa isn’t just limited to outdoor use. You can have one installed as a hot tub to use indoors! Whether you choose to place one inside or out, Aquatica guarantees the hot tub shell against structural cracking for 10 years and its stainless-steel structure with a 25 year warranty, meaning you can enjoy a vibe check for many years to come.

Aquatica is a global luxury brand, designing, developing and manufacturing world-class bathware from a state-of-the-art factory in the EU. A team of experienced engineers, designers and master craftsmen work in orchestration from ideation to manufacturing to produce some of the world’s more luxurious and relaxing hydromassage and air massage bathtubs and hot tubs. Check out Aquatica Vibe Infinity Spa at

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