Audi TT Augmented Reality Brochure Brings a Virtual Cockpit to Life

05.18.15 | By
Audi TT Augmented Reality Brochure Brings a Virtual Cockpit to Life

I’ve got a soft spot for the Audi TT. It was the first car I followed from concept renders to production line availability, and also the first car I saved to purchase (I loved the car so much, I ended up buying another years after). It was a revolutionary design, a seamless aerodynamic bean envisioned by a collaboration between J Mays and Freeman Thomas, a car only made possible by the innovative laser beam welding back in 1998. The original still looks fresh and modern even 17 years later.

Now maturing into its third iteration, the 2016 Audi TT captures some of that same innovate spirit as its 1st-generation predecessor, an angular and tech-equipped sports car with a gigantic 12.3-inch hi-resolution LCD display – the Virtual Cockpit, as Audi calls it – replacing the traditional instrument panel as the car’s interior centerpiece.

How befitting such a futuristic automobile has even been upgraded in the brochure department. Incorporating conductive print and a Bluetooth chip within the Audi TT Brochure Hack, a designated page becomes an app-compatible smart surface, complete with haptic feedback, highlighting the Audi TT’s Virtual Cockpit interior. The experience enlivens a static overview into an interactive preview of the car’s features, complete with configuration options and test drive requests via app.



Considering my long lasting affinity for the TT, I might very well find myself at the dealer looking at the possibility of a third Audi TT if the 2016 model lives up to expectations…if only to get my hands on one of these brochures to fiddle around with.



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