Augmented Reality Brings 250 Million Year Elba Stone to Life

04.08.19 | By
Augmented Reality Brings 250 Million Year Elba Stone to Life

The modern and reductive shapes of the myriad of home, kitchen, and office products represented by New Volumes’ Collection 01 can give the impression these are 3D-printed products, when in fact each are made, machined and hand finished using a natural stone whose origins spans hundreds of millions of years. Augmented reality technology is now bringing to life the luxurious appeal of the material with ancient origins.

New Volumes collaborated with eight Australian designers directing each to highlight the inherent beauty of Elba, a dolomite-based material whose origins can be traced back to its formation within a primordial coral reef that once covered a part of Greece. And to further enhance the experience, the Australian-based New Volumes worked with AR developers Inhaabit to develop an app-based solution to bring the Grecian quarry sourced material virtually into any space.

The twelve piece collection spans categories ranging from large tables, lamps, down to a set of mortar and pestle, each drawing attention to the inherent sculpted beauty of the harder than marble stone.

The augmented reality for iPhone and iPad devices invites anyone to preview the entire collection within a home or office in realtime, previewing each design in true-to-life scale.

To see whether 250 million year old Elba stone designs should have a place in your home, download the New Volumes AR app over at the App Store.

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