August Smart Lock Turns Your Phone Into House Keys

The August Smart Lock is a new lock and access system, designed by Yves Behar’s fuseproject in partnership with Jason Johnson, that will change the way you, your house guests, and visitors enter your house. Gone are the annoying house keys that you have to fumble for when your hands are full or the key you have to give to your house cleaners – they’re replaced with a virtual key that you can send to people you want to give access to, all via your phone.

See the lock in action:

August Smart Lock works with your existing deadbolts and the brilliant thing about it is that your virtual key can never be copied. You can grant certain people access for specific periods of time and then disable it when you want to. Being the homeowner, the device recognizes you when you get to the door and automatically unlocks it for you without you even having to pull your phone out of your pocket.


Using a Bluetooth LE connection with your smartphone to lock and unlock the door, August is installed right over the deadbolt. It works even if the power is off or your WiFi is down.




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