AVÔ Stool and Welcome to the Jungle by Rui Alves

Rui Alves is a designer with his own studio called My Own Super Studio based out of Portugal. At DMY Berlin, he presented two new projects, AVÔ Stool and Welcome to the Jungle (above).

Welcome to the Jungle: James (elephant), John (hippopotamus), Jeremy (lion), Jerry (giraffe) and Joe (crocodile)
Alves noticed that his son, like many children, loves to play with his ever growing collection of toy animals, so he decided to create a grouping of special small pieces that are like a jungle of five friends that you can use almost anyway that you want. They can be tables, stools, or even coat hangers. They can even jump over one another in order to make some shelves. Made of wood, and with a bright and glossy skin they’ve arrived and they have made the jungle their home.

AVÔ Stool
AVÔ is a stool that is a small tribute to the designer’s grandfather who recently passed away at the age of 97. A carpenter and craftsman, Alves’ grandfather was also a great “designer” in his own way. Alves recalls, “he used to have his favorite wooden stool. I remember it so well, because he would keep it handy for almost any occasion. He would use it when he sat in front of the fireplace and it would take it outside with him, when he wanted to sit quietly and read the newspaper. That small wooden stool was used anywhere and everywhere.” AVÔ is made from anodized aluminium and solid wood.

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