AXOR Shares the Stories Behind the Materials of Its MyEdition Collection

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AXOR Shares the Stories Behind the Materials of Its MyEdition Collection

Known for their forward thinking kitchen and bath fixtures, AXOR also appreciates the details that go into the creation of each piece, including the quality of materials. Last year the brand introduced AXOR MyEdition, designed in collaboration with Phoenix Design, that combines elegant aesthetics with the added option of personal customization.

At the forefront of the MyEdition collection sits a minimal, yet generously-sized, modular cover plate. Selecting which mixer to incorporate into your design might be the start of a project or the finishing touch, adding an element of individuality.

Taking into account the breadth of personalized material preferences, there’s an impressive selection of materials available that includes Mirrored Glass, Black Glass, Black Walnut, European Napa Leather, white Lasa Covelano Vena Oro Marble from South Tyrol, black Nero Marquina Marble from the Basque country and metal that can be finished in one of ten different surface finishes. Crafted by true artisans in collaboration with AXOR, each cover plate is a truly original detail.

AXOR MyEdition offers perfectly coordinated, multisensory experiences.

-Andreas Diefenbach, Phoenix Design

It’s through working with these talented craftsmen and quality materials that the cover plate mixers achieve their sublime appearance. The passion and skill put into each element come together to not only create something worthwhile, but also to strengthen the region’s industry long-term.

The Nappa leather hides used for the AXOR MyEdition leather cover plates come from cattle in southern Germany and Austria, and are inspected by hand before being cut down to a thickness of one millimeter. The majority of this process is done by hand, including the sewing of the cover plate and application of a hot stamp AXOR logo.

Nappa leather is also used on the interiors of yachts, giving consumers the assurance of it being capable of effectively handling wet areas of the bathroom. Through the durability of Nappa leather, AXOR is able to add an unexpected tactile element to the MyEdition collection.

The white Lasa calcite marble for the cover plates of the AXOR MyEdition collection hails from the storied Jenn Cliff Massif quarry in South Tyrol, Italy. This extremely durable choice is used alongside black marble from Basque country. Pieces are then chosen for their extraordinary veining, perfect gloss and precise edges – only flawless specimens will do.

Heavy marble blocks, weighing about forty tons, are mined from the quarry before being transported into the valley below where they are raw-cut. The blocks are then cut into slices and raw plates and stored. In Oberkirch, marble specialists cut the cover plates down to production size, then a wire saw slices them in half to the desired thickness.

It’s at this point that the marble plates are ground and meticulously polished to a high gloss, with care so that the thin stone does not break. To make the marble ready for use in the bathroom, a process of impregnation is used. Lastly, the AXOR logo is lasered into the marble and color-tinted by hand – only then is the small masterpiece complete.

The walnut wood used for the cover plate of the AXOR MyEdition collection comes from sustainably managed forests in North America and Canada, where it’s cultivated and processed according to socially and ecologically responsible methods. After the tree is cut down, the logs are sawn and sliced in a veneer preparation area. The pieces are inspected for a perfect grain before final selections are made. The fine wood veneers are then glued together by hand, criss-crossing veneer strips form a stable bond and ensure that the wood doesn’t warp when it comes into contact with moisture.

The veneer packets are pressed and cut to the dimensions of the cover plate, and additional stability is added by precision-milling and glueing the wood panel to a stainless steel plate. A laser is then used to apply the AXOR logo onto its surface. Finally, the exposed veneer surface of the plate is oiled for protection and an elegant sheen. The now seamlessly smooth and ultra-refined wood is finished, keeping its natural color and developing a unique radiance.

These are only three of the thoughtful, detailed processes that go into creating each face plate in the AXOR MyEdition collection. There’s also the option to choose a material not offered by AXOR, it can be easily installed with a special mounting plate offered by the brand. Find the material that’s perfect for your individual project.

Learn more about the AXOR MyEdition collection at or visit them on Instagram @axordesign.

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