Bad Marlon Elevates Mealtime + Dog Walks With New Accessories

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Bad Marlon Elevates Mealtime + Dog Walks With New Accessories

We’ve been a fan of Korean pet brand Bad Marlon for years and years, and their latest launches have us wanting to swap out our dingy, worn down dog accessories for their modern alternatives instead. Starting with Como, mealtime is instantly elevated to new heights – literally!

three pastel dog bowls on stands

The four-legged table is made of 100% silicone and props up a ceramic bowl which makes it more comfortable for dogs to eat and drink by reducing the strain on their neck and joints. Unlike set-ups that tend to make noises as dogs eat and nudge their bowls and stands, the silicone table eliminates virtually all noises from the contact with the bowl, giving sound-sensitive pets a more pleasant experience. The table also weighs approximately two pounds which helps prevent it from moving as your pet excitedly indulges in his favorite meal.

four dog bowl stands on the floor next to a white table

four pastel dog bowls on stands on the floor

four pastel dog bowl stands on the steps of a floor

white and brown dog wearing a black and blue dog leash

If there’s one thing we wish we could see more of in pet stores, it’s modern color combinations for leashes and collars. The Rupel pet collar quells our designer grievances with its minimalist design and color variants. The collar subtly contours to a dog’s neck with its curved plastic buckle, ensuring a walk so comfortable, you and your dog will opt for the longer route.

dog leashes hanging over three metal poles

four dog leashes hanging on a wooden stand

dog leash hanging over the back of a chair

For an ultra contemporary look, the Villaine all-in-one leash fully embraces the cotton rope material. Like the Rupel, the sturdy rope handle can be hung on the arm for convenience and the brass buckle can attach to an existing collar or harness if your pup already loves the one he has on.

dog leash hanging over the back of a chair and on the seat

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