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Located on the Balonne River in St. George, Queensland, Australia, this five-bedroom home by Fulton Trotter Architects is a modern masterpiece that truly feels like a home.

The three wings of the Balonne River house each perform a separate function. The master wing, closest to the river, contains the main bedroom, en suite, robe and the study come nursery. Then there’s the living wing, which has the kitchen, a formal space and a family space. The final wing houses the bedrooms and baths including an en suite guest room. A fantastic covered deck provides gorgeous views and cool, summer breezes.

Due to the homes rural location, it needed to be self-sufficient — harvesting all of its own water and processing of waste. This was achieved through the inclusion of four 20,000ltr rainwater tanks complete with filter system and its own on-site waste water treatment system, which reticulates into the property’s garden.

I love these photographs because they make the space feel more lived in. We post tons of bare and sparse houses, but this one feels like people actually spend time here. I love the refrigerator full of magnets and the TV on in the background.

Photos by Steven Douglas.

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