Bandly Apple Watch Bands Go Against the Grain

The Analog Watch Co. has long made a business of designing an assortment of watches, sunglasses, wallets, and iPhone cases embellished with the warm, organic properties of wood. Applying this familiarity with the properties and challenges of the materials, the company recently announced Bandly – a start-up focused upon accessorizing the Apple Watch via a new patented process using real, recycled wood as an eco-friendly and fashionable option.

Maple and Dark Teak

Light Teak and Rosewood.

Lined over soft non-toxic vegan leather, thin continuous sheets of engineered wood adorn the Bandly Apple Watch band with patterns of grain while also exhibiting a high level of flexibility not typically associated with wood. The result of four years of development, Bandly wood bands are so pliable, each can endure up to 10,000 bends without exhibiting any visible effects, while also being naturally water resistant.

To further enhance the Bandly band aesthetic, each of the four designs include a matching background, optimized to complement the Series 5 Apple Watch “always-on display”. Each Bandly wood watch face is already available to download here.

The Bandly Apple Watch is compatible with all models and available in Dark Teak, Light Teak, Maple, and Rosewood, launching with a pre-order price for of $35, and $39 price tag afterward. For additional information, check out

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