Bang & Olufsen Launch “Remarkably Rare” Beoplay EX Atelier Editions

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Bang & Olufsen Launch “Remarkably Rare” Beoplay EX Atelier Editions

Do you remember when the first Apple AirPods came onto the market and their initial limited availability provoked such a level of envy, they became a common target for theft? Owners would even take care to disguise their white earbuds from view, lest someone snatch them right from under their…ears. Thankfully today the exclusivity factor has dialed down several notches, with many equal – if not sonically superior – options available in the wireless earphones category. It makes Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay EX Atelier Editions an interesting proposition, one that purposefully distinguishes itself from the crowded field – and the standard wireless Beoplay EX earbuds it is based upon – with a very limited, very conspicuous made-to-order bespoke design with a price tag to match.

Two Beoplay EX earbuds staged across a white surface illuminated with yellow-green lighting.

So what’s the cost of indulging in the luxury of being noticed? Apparently $699. In comparison, the standard Beoplay EX wireless earbuds offered in four colorways of red, black, gold, and anthracite are priced at $399.

That extra $300 brings with it an “ultra rare” Lime Green colorway, a retina-burning hue embellishing the sides of each earbud alongside the whole of the exterior charging-carrying case. It’s quite pleasing, like a small yuzu you can open up and pop into the ears. Strangely, the Danish craft audio brand hasn’t given any exact figures defining the level of exclusivity tied to the Atelier Editions moniker. Instead, Bang & Olufsen notes this is but the first drop of numerous limited colorways. So you may be 1 of 100…or 1 of 5,000. TBD.

Beoplay EX earbud case open set against an all-white background surface from overhead view showing earbuds set in charging mode.

Otherwise, the earbuds retain the features and performance of an already excellent Beoplay EX wireless earbud experience, with its elegant amalgamation of aluminum, polymer, and silicone – the work of Thomas Bentzen – delivering Active Noise Cancellation, wireless charging, and up to 20 hours of wireless listening via Bluetooth 5.2.

Beoplay EX earbuds staged across a white surface with case closed and both earbuds in front.

For those drawn to limited quantity drops, Bang & Olufsen is accepting reservations for the next 13 or so days before closing the charging case till the next Atelier Edition is announced.

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