BANZAI: An Exploration of Color by Stefan Behlau

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BANZAI: An Exploration of Color by Stefan Behlau
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Stefan Behlau is a German artist who made his first, solo debut in the UK with BANZAI, an exhibit that explored color. Inspired by acrylic paint sample cards from Nova Color, Stefan imported paint from California to create his paintings.

Stefan Behlau_Bridget II, 2015_install_hi

Stefan Behlau_Wearing Ellsworth's Hat All Wrong, 2015_install_hi

The process is both extremely organized, yet uncertain. Though minimal in their appearance, the works are created with a rigid set of guidelines and planned carefully over a matter of weeks. The final product appears to be random, but each piece has a rhythmic topography alternating with different, vivid colors. Colors are stark against a minimal palette, and create their own work of art through interaction with each other.

Stefan Behlau_B On W, 2015_install_hi

Stefan Behlau_W On B, 2015_install_hi

Stefan Behlau_Untitled VII, 2015_install_hi

Stefan Behlau_Untitled III, 2015_install_hi

Stefan Behlau_Squad, 2015_install_hi

Stefan Behlau_Meditation Pop, 2015_install_hi

Stefan Behlau_BANZAI_install_hi3

Stefan Behlau_BANZAI_install_hi2

Stefan Behlau_BANZAI_install_hi1

The exhibition ran through December 14th, 2015 at PM/AM in London. Even though it’s over, you can still check out his artwork on and the gallery’s website.

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