Bar Gantz Creates Furniture Through Steam Bending

If you haven’t heard of steam bending it’s a specific type of wood-working technique that softens wood so that you can easily mold it to the shape you desire. Designer Bar Gantz, who recently finished studying at Hit-Holon Institute of Technology, created a small capsule collection that was made completely from steam bending.

During her research into using steam bending, the challenges she faced were making sure the end product was aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. As a result, instead of simply bending the wood, she began to twist the wood, to create an added edge to the look.

The collection consists of four different objects—a coffee table, a stool, a mirror, and a shelf.

The coffee table is made from three wood strips, where the legs were bent into a U-shape to form a steady foundation.

The stool is similar to the coffee table in that the strips formed a U-shape for the base, then formed into a triangle to separate the strips from each other.

The mirror holder is made of one long strip of wood, twisted to gently hold the mirror. The ends of the strip are twisted so that it lays flush with the wall when hanging.

Lastly, the shelf is one long strip of wood that’s bent at both edges. The middle can be used to hold objects in a unique way, and the shelf doesn’t have to be attached with additional accessories.

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