The Bastron Glass Keyboard is Clearly Unusual

If one is to believe the prescient foresight of science fiction films, we’ll all be working on transparent monitors and interfaces one day (this Quora thread ponders the pros and cons of such a proposed futuristic see-thru world of science fiction interfaces). In the meantime, would-be Tony Starks can dip their fingers into the future of a transparent workflow using the Bastron Transparent Touch Glass Keyboard.

The completely flat glass surface means this keyboard will shrug off splashes of spilled liquids, making it ideal for classroom or laboratory settings.

Obviously, one does not purchase one of these see-thru keyboards for sheer ergonomic’s sake. But what one loses in the tactile comfort of a mechanical or scissor switch keyboard, one gains in a very slim and waterproof peripheral. Constructed with aluminum frame and tempered glass the Bastron’s keyboard is illuminated with blue LED backlighting for both visibility and also “the future is now” aesthetics.

But the sleek form isn’t all for naught; the entire glass top works as a touch controlled with a gesture recognizing surface, compatible with both Windows 10 and macOS setups. The absence of traditional keys also makes this one of the easiest computer peripherals to clean, eliminating the accumulation of debris that inevitably lodges between frame and keys. Typing speeds will undoubtedly take a hit when switching to an all-flat surface input, but perhaps the generation of iPhone/Android device users already efficient with touch typing will hardly notice.

The 3rd iteration of the Bastron Transparent Touch Glass Keyboard (with mouse and gesture function) is available currently with gold accenting at Amazon for $89 or with silver trim for a few dollars more, with a perplexingly expensive glass touchpad as an additional option to complete the futuristic setup.

The keyboard is not wireless, requiring a micro USB cable connection.

Shown with a rose gold finish, and with an optional faux rose.

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