Benjamin Hubert Adds a Stylish Layer to Croft Hydrogen Nanocartridges

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Benjamin Hubert Adds a Stylish Layer to Croft Hydrogen Nanocartridges

Design impresario Benjamin Hubert’s design agency LAYER’s portfolio is immeasurably diverse, spanning the gamut from futuristic meditative wearbles, 3D-printed mobility solutions for the disabled, right down to the ground with contemporary wares for felines. The agency’s latest efforts impart hydrogen fuel start-up Croft with an engaging brand identity expressed by swaths of cool color, modern typography, and robust industrial design all emblematic of a hydrogen-fueled future for everyone.

Founded in 2022 by Roderick Blevins and Isaac Holeman, who met while undertaking Ph.D. studies at the University of Cambridge, Croft’s efforts revolve around a hydrogen-based system, a clean fuel only emitting the harmless byproduct, H2O. The swappable battery solution is robustly successful abroad with urban electric scooter riders, and also available in a hydrogen capacity for light urban mobility vehicles. Croft’s solution aims to bring that same sort of swappable eco-friendly efficiency to much larger vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs.

Two Nanocartridges solid-state, low-pressure hydrogen storage

Each element such as the solid-state, low-pressure storage Nanocartridges displays a build intended to communicate durability, as Croft’s mission is to compel users to “service rather than replace.”

The Croft Nanoplant system comprises Nanocartridges, a fuel source engineered to power retrofitted vehicles using hydrogen rather than petroleum or electricity. The Nanoplant includes not just the reusable modular hydrogen Nanocartridges (with a semblance of enormous AA batteries encased in a protective open-sided enclosure), but also a nodular Nanoplant recharging station paired with a hose module for on-board charging.

Each “Nanocartridge” has a capacity to hold 0.66kg H2 and weighs 14-16kg. The sturdy form and stable footprint makes for easy stacking and handling, and each cartridge boasts four side handles that allow for multiple grip points.

While EVs will surely dominate the future of personal transportation in the coming years, hydrogen-fueled technologies propose an alternative for a cleaner and efficient source, delivering impressive range with every “fill up.” For example, the 2023 Toyota Mirai in its XLE trim is rated for 402 miles of range. Rather than requiring drivers to purchase a new hydrogen powered car, Croft’s fuel source system can be retrofitted onto existing vehicles already on the road.

“Electric vehicles are increasingly commonplace, but have downfalls – particularly when it comes to traveling long distances on a single charge,” says Benjamin Hubert, LAYER found. “The Croft system offers a solution to these challenges with a consumer-ready product that enables users to embark on epic journeys with a clear conscience.”

A circular indicator on the top surface displays remaining hydrogen capacity, with a dial graphic that allows users to take important information in at a glance.

Croft wood crate packaging in natural wood, soft sage and all black finishes imprinted with logo designed by LAYER

The colors, materials, and finishes are all designed by LAYER to appeal to “toolmakers for the future of fuel.”

LAYER’s efforts display a holistic approach, including a branding identity and system revolving around an abstracted ‘H’ that is an emblematic symbol for the future of hydrogen, filtering down even to Croft’s stationery and packaging.

Croft stationery system showcasing holistic branding system – including bandmark, wordmark, CMF strategy, tone-of-voice, and packaging – set on light mint table.

Croft is yet to officially launch and is currently in their prototyping phase. But those interested to follow the brand’s journey from ideation to hopefully another option toward a cleaner future can sign-up at for updates.

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