Don’t Wait Another 20 Years to Check Out This Eclipse: BeoVision Eclipse TV

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Don’t Wait Another 20 Years to Check Out This Eclipse: BeoVision Eclipse TV

Smart technology: Sometimes it makes us feel more connected, but often, it can be isolating. Personal connections are more valuable, and more necessary. Bang & Olufsen, the modern design brand synonymous with high-quality sound and aesthetics, has recognized that smart technology should also help us come together. Movies, television, and the viewing experience are ways in which we can connect—from family movie night to romantic date night (even “Netflix & chill”)—these are all ways we experience and enjoy technology, together. And, even if we’re not in the same room, the shared experience of viewing popular shows, movies or televised events and experiencing the emotions and excitement that go along with it, also creates a shared humanity. So, what does this have to do with B&O?

They teamed up with LG Electronics to create the BeoVision Eclipse, the first TV they developed together in their new partnership. Bringing together LG’s OLED TV technology, which delivers high contrast and a dynamic moving picture experience, and Bang & Olufsen’s attention to design and high-quality sound, this TV is a luxurious package that looks to deliver a superior experience. Take a look:

The tag team of Bang & Olufsen and LG really put the pedal to the metal when it comes to attention to detail both in terms of operational perfection and aesthetics. The sleek, slim design that Bang & Olufsen is known for hasn’t been compromised here, with a screen that continues beneath the SoundCentre punctuated by a simple stand. This is definitely a Design Milk-approved TV that will fit in nicely with your modern decor without detraction. Let’s talk for a moment about that stand: it’s motorized! Yes – that means that you can move the TV around on the floor with the push of a button and adjust it to whatever position you’re in, whether sitting on the couch, watching from the kitchen counter, or laying in bed. If that’s not your jam, though, you can still mount it on the wall. If that wasn’t enough customization, you can even choose from aluminum or colored fabrics for the speaker.

Aesthetics aside, it also functions beyond the traditional viewing capabilities: it is a smart device. With LG Electronics’ webOS 3.5 platform, you can access everything from Netflix to Amazon to Spotify and even audio AirPlay and Bluetooth streaming.

To complement the BeoVision Eclipse, the BeoLab 50 rst loudspeaker (born from the BeoLab 90) is a sophisticated and powerful companion. Enhancing the cinematic experience with acoustic lens technology, beam width control and active room compensation.

For ease, a single remote, the BeoRemote One BT, can be used to operate everything. You can customize the remote with shortcuts, personal content, and even store access to various sources.

BeoVision Eclipse will be available in both 55” and 65” at Bang & Olufsen European retailers in September 2017. Learn more at

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