Bernard Dubois + Isaac Reina Explore Geometric Perspectives in Latest Collection

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Bernard Dubois + Isaac Reina Explore Geometric Perspectives in Latest Collection

Belgian architect Bernard Dubois and Spanish designer Isaac Reina recently debuted a furniture collection designed for Brussels-based gallery, MANIERA. The collection consists of eight different objects, including two chairs, a lamp, a folding table, and more. Each piece plays with geometric perspectives and materials to yield minimal designs stripped from all unnecessary details.

Due to the minimal nature of each piece, material plays a large role in how the objects are perceived. Dubois and Reina selected high-quality natural and black-lacquered leather and wood as the primary materials to inspire an elegance that subtly contrasts with the intentionally playful curved and straight lines found throughout the collection.

The designers adhered to traditional techniques during the design process, citing the work of Japanese architect Kazuo Shinohara and artists Ellsworth Kelly and Imi Knoebel as main sources of inspiration.

As the founder of a leather goods brand, Reina has become particularly intertwined with leather. The designer describes the material as “sensuous, living and highly tactile.” For this collection, Reina and Dubois were particularly interested in exploring leather’s light sensitivity, which allows it to beautifully age over time.

To bring the collection for MANIERA to life, Reina combined his knowledge of leather with Dubois’ bold use of geometric forms. Dubois has employed a similar design ethos in the past, notably when he designed the interior of the Brussels Aesop store and Reina’s leather goods store in Paris.

The collection is currently on view at MANIERA Gallery in Brussels until May 9, 2020.

Photography by Jeroen Verrecht for MANIERA Gallery.

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