Best CMYLK Posts of 2013

Our love of color led us to create our popular CMYLK column, where we round up photos of interiors, accessories, art, products, you name it, and create color palettes to  match. Our top 10 posts from 2013 feature a variety of interiors, portraits, and a few outdoor spaces – take a look:

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Best CMYLK Posts of 2013

10. Jenny Meilihove’s Quirky Portraits
We paired Colourlovers palettes with some of the quirky, imaginative portraits done by Tel Aviv-based artist and children’s book illustrator, Jenny Meilihove.

9. Interiors Shot by Lucas Allen
New York-based photographer Lucas Allen’s interior shots of vastly different spaces make perfect subjects for our CMYLK column.

8. Modern Interior Photographed by Manolo Yllera
Three modern spaces that use white as the base are layered with punchy colors to make some beautiful color palettes.

7. A Trio of Colorful Outdoor Spaces
We took CMYLK all the way outside to look at the beauty of three outdoor rooms in varying sizes.

6. Jonas Ingerstedt’s Colorful Interior Photos
A slice of colorful life was shown in these intensely Scandinavian interiors shot by Jonas Ingerstedt.

5. Bruno Suet’s Colorful Interior Photos
Colourlovers palettes were created to accompany three of French photographer Bruno Suet’s colorful photos of interiors.

4. Bedrooms Photographed by Toby Scott
Brisbane based photographer Toby Scott has an eye for color which is reflected in these three color-drenched bedrooms he photographed.

3. Interiors by Photographer Antoine Bootz
A trio of three colorful, modern interiors shot by New York City-based photographer Antoine Bootz and the Colourlovers palettes that match.

2. Interiors Photographed by Justin Coit
We took a look at interiors with a wonderful, lived-in look that maintain top-notch style that were photographed by Los Angeles-based photographer Justin Coit.

And the most popular CMYLK post of 2013 is…

1. Three Mid-Century Inspired Interiors by LLI Design
The most beloved edition of CMYLK featured three mid-century inspired interiors for which we pulled color from the home furnishings to create Colourlovers palettes.

Caroline Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.