Best Friday Five Posts of 2018

In 2018, we asked over 50 designers, architects, artists, and creatives to participate in our Friday Five column, letting them share any five things they choose, whether it’s inspirations, loves, favorites, etc. They all came back with a completely different list, each giving us all insight into their world. Curious to see which 10 creatives were the most popular in 2018? Take a look to find out.

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Best Friday Five Posts of 2018

10. Friday Five with Elyse Graham
Los Angeles-based artist and designer Elyse Graham, whose handmade sculptural works are born through experimentation of unusual materials, like plaster and resin, shared five things she loves, including an iconic designer and a cute baby with a cool name.

9. Friday Five with Jean Pelle of PELLE
In 2018’s first Friday Five, Jean Pelle of PELLE told us about five of her favorite things, including a rare car, musician, and a famed NYC restaurant.

8. Friday Five with Daniel Schofield
This Friday Five gets a deeper look into the world of award-winning British designer Daniel Schofield and how he thinks.

7. Friday Five with Philippa Price
For this Friday Five, readers got to enjoy the five things artist Philippa Price loves as we all wait to find out what else she has in store in the future.

6. Friday Five with Karen John
This Friday Five went deep with entrepreneur, Karen John of New York City based Heartwork, to learn what keeps her creative energy at maximum capacity.

5. Friday Five with Debra Folz
Take a look to see where Debra Folz continues to find inspiration that helps drive her work as a successful designer, in this Friday Five.

4. Friday Five with Adele Bates
For this Friday Five, we headed to the (cue Men at Work (SORRY!)) Land Down Under, aka Australia, to check in with Adele Bates, a Melbourne-based director of her eponymous multidisciplinary studio.

3. Friday Five with Lily Kwong
New York City based landscape designer Lily Kwong rounded out our month-long celebration of Women’s History Month with her green picks in this Friday Five.

2. Friday Five with Zoë Pawlak
Montreal-based artist and designer Zoë Pawlak gave us a closer look into her colorful world by sharing five of her favorite things.

And the top Friday Five post of 2018 is…

1. Friday Five with Orlando Soria
Instagram favorite, interior designer, and maker, Orlando Soria, took a break to share why he loves his hometown and why a controversial shoe deserves some love.

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