Best of ICFF + WantedDesign 2022: From Concrete Collaborative, Thatcher + More

NYCxDESIGN 2022 has come to a close, and with it the end of ICFF + WantedDesign Manhattan. This exhibition features an inspiring range of projects and designers in the industry, from established brands to student work. We’ll take you through the best of both shows, and a sense of what it was like walking through the Javits Center last week!

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Best of ICFF + WantedDesign 2022: From Concrete Collaborative, Thatcher + More

These bold pillows from the freshly launched brand Thatcher blend graphic shapes with soft goods in a delightful and inviting way.

Studio.Oong bulbous lighting

Studio.Oong came prepared with this beautiful piece, a suspended cosmic landscape lit from within.

Cory Olsen wooden trays

These trays from Cory Olsen celebrate these specific stones, and are formed according to the exact dimensions using 3D scanners. These pieces neatly combine technology and cannot be mass produced.

Piscina sculptural wood shelf

Piscina brings a lovely reimagining to the modular shelf, which is effortlessly customizable to meet a wide variety of needs and wants.

Kast Concrete Basin

Kast Concrete Basins delivers a stunning color palette this year, choosing more neutral hues and strong rounded edges.

Lasagna wood table Caleb Ferris

The Lasagna Side Table by Caleb Ferris elegantly combines handcrafted and machine made elements, and takes skill to make, much like the pasta it is inspired by.

Casa Kids bunk bed

Casa Kids had a great show this year, featuring thoughtful storage for kids as they grow. This collection also highlights independent artists, who create illustrations to be featured on the furniture.

Andlight Pebble pendants

These sculptural pebble-like pendants from ANDlight seem to move within the space around them, presenting differently from every angle.

Soft ripples and rounded edges heighten the inviting, playful feeling of the NAMI furniture pieces by Hachi Collections via the Wescover booth.

thehighkey boucle furniture

Natural boucle and layered plywood lend a homey, organic feeling to this graphic home goods collection from thehighkey.

Rottet and Kyle Bunting geometric hyde rug

Rottet Studio showed this beautiful hide rug designed in collaboration with Kyle Bunting, along with select modern, sculptural furniture pieces. Strong granite forms add a cool touch to their collection this year.

Wire is woven into beautiful sculptural sconces from Morgane Baroghel-Crucq at the SWADOH booth, celebrating the handhewn nature of weaving technology.

This exciting material from Particle Play is made of recycled shoe soles, removing them from waste streams to create a flexible yet sturdy material. The color profiles are created by hand, blending different densities to produce desired effects.

The Artifact Lamp from studio Ayumiya is cast glass in sand, lending it a unique quality to the texture of the face. This casting method ensures that no two will be alike, formed in different iterations of the same material.

Cahuttes pink dyed table and chairs

This collaboration from Cahuttes, by Taylor Hall and Jessi Highet Studio,  uses the same fiber reactive dye in both the furniture and textiles. Playful but refined, this capsule collection was made specifically for ICFF 2022.

Mana Sazegara mirrored wall sculptures

This collection from Mana Sazegara bends reality into Memphis distortion, with different levels and colors affecting the overall reflection of the mirror.

Concrete Collaborative fluted terrazzo tiles

Impressive collection from Concrete Collaborative this year, with new aggregate placements and tile styles to choose from. Neutrals and classic styles are always in.

This bold, dense work from Erika Cross Studio takes joinery to a new level. Celebrated and transparent, the knowing of how this goes together is also the charm.


Aria Lee is a NYC-based designer drawn to furniture, textiles, and yarn of all shapes and sizes. She creates custom crochet work at, and has a deep passion for bread.

You can view her portfolio here, and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.