This Bicycle Only Weighs As Much As One Watermelon

Bright and light, the Hummingbird Bike is debuting as the lightest folding bike in the world. Only 6.5 kg (~14 lbs), the bike is great for commuters and also packs up well in a car or even a plane.



Designed by Peter Craciun, the Hummingbird’s frame is made of carbon fiber, which also provides for a smooth ride because it absorbs the vibrations. Made in London, the bike is also made using top technology, including 3D printers and CAM machines. It comes in four different colors and two different wheel sizes. Smitten? Support their Kickstarter campaign here.

Hummingbird - Colours

Hummingbird - Simple


Hummingbird - Tube

Hummingbird - City

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