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Bionic Bone Review

Wrigley has never been much of a destructive chewer (unless it’s a plush toy with a squeaker — he will annihilate that thing in 5 seconds flat). When Smash came into our lives with his wide jaws and constant need to chew, however, it was an eye-opener. We knew we needed to invest in some stronger toys, STAT! Fortunately, I had the opportunity to try out the Bionic Bone from Bionic Pet Products.

Bionic Bone Review

Their claim to fame is a specialized “bionic rubber“, a nearly-indestructible material created from cross-linked rubber molecules. As Steve Luhrs, the engineer and creator behind the product, says: “It’s not just a coincidence that Bionic® toys are made to last, it’s science.” You heard it. Straight science, yo!

Well, I decided to put this magical rubber to the test and tossed it to the eager jaws of our Shih Tzu, Smash. His reaction? Pure bliss.

Bionic Bone Review

The Bionic Bone is specially-shaped to fit the natural curvature of a dog’s mouth. This, along with integrated ridges that help create the sensation that the dog is eating through the bone (it’s not), help form one of the best dog toys I’ve ever tried. Some wear and tear was apparent on the outside after several hours of focused, determined chewing, though this same level of chewing would have destroyed most other rubber or rope toys in our house.

Bionic Bone Review

We also tried filling the hollow core with peanut butter, which proved to be “the best idea ever” according to Smash. Once he was done, I simply tossed it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. (All Bionic toys are dishwasher safe, 100% recyclable, and they float!)

So, what’s the verdict? Two enthusiastic paws up from Mr. Heavy Chewer McGee!

Bionic has a whole range of different toy styles, available in a variety of sizes, that look equally promising, including a ball, toss ‘n’ tug toy, and a treat stuffer/interactive toy — be sure to check them out!

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