Blå Station Will Keep You Comfortable and Connected in the Office

04.25.18 | By
Blå Station Will Keep You Comfortable and Connected in the Office

Swedish furniture manufacturer Blå Station continues to grow their catalog of innovative residential and contract furniture that is bound to keep you comfortable and connected. Just recently, the brand launched a bevy of new designs that combine their Scandinavian roots with a modern aesthetic that might just work in any situation, whether it’s a living room, home office, lobby, or open workspace.

The Bob sofa system, designed by Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstrand, launched last year allowing you to merge the small modules into any configuration. Now they’ve added two new modules to the lineup, which now totals seven, resulting in even more combinations. Bob can curve in or out or go in a straight line – the choice is yours.

While Bob offers you plenty of places to sit, the Cut table slices in between Bob’s modules giving you a place to put your drink, smartphone, or tablet.

While they can outfit any Bob with power and USB outlets, they’ve also released the Jack table which brings additional power to wherever it’s needed. The cone-shaped table comes with USB and standard electrical connections to keep all your devices powered.

Designed by Stefan Borselius, the Dundra High Back is the latest, and most comfortable piece, in the newly expanded Dundra family. The high backrest brings additional comfort when you lean back, as does the pillow adorned with a single button.

The Gap Chair is designed by Osko + Deichmann who challenged the way we think of a stackable chair. They managed to design one that has a 4-cross frame base allowing for swivel action, as well as a slot on the seat so it can be hung under a table (with a table mount) for easy floor cleanup.

The Gap Table also features a slot which allows a series of tables to be stacked up to either make space or to clean the floor.

Remember o4i’s Dent Chair we posted five years ago? They’ve added a new one to the family and it’s the Dent Lounge covered in soft leather. The new design is lower and more relaxed and sits on a swivel frame as a added bonus.

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