BMW’s Z4 Roadster Gets a Modern Update

BMW’s classic Z4 Roadster made its first appearance in 2002. Now, the German automaker strikes again with the latest iteration of the speedy two-seater with a new special package that adds a whole new dimension to the car.

BMW New Z4_4

Pure Fusion Design takes BMW’s stock Z4 and turns up the heat with a more sophisticated interior, new exterior colors, and refined surface materials, giving it a modern, sporty-luxury feel. Top-notch leather accents, ivory-hued seats, and Fineline wood will make you feel like BMW designed the Pure Fusion Design Z4 just for you.

BMW New Z4_2

Consider Pure Fusion Design as BMW’s way of making you feel like the ruler of the free world by just sitting inside the car. No need to even rev up the engine!

BMW New Z4_1

Learn more about the Z4 and the Pure Fusion Package here.

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