Bone Pool By One Dog One Bone
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With this week being the first week of Summer, and temperatures being unusually high in my neck of the woods, I’ve been thinking a lot about ways to keep my dog, Miles, cool. He hates the heat! Looking around, I came across Bone Pools by One Dog One Bone.

Bone Pools are a pricey purchase, but a great investment if you live an an area of the country that reaches dangerously high Summer temperatures. Made from the same durable plastic used for truck bed liners, Bone Pools are built to last, unlike the disposal kid pools you may be purchasing year after year. How cute is this Paw Pool version?

Bone Pools are also UV resistant and virtually chew-proof, which means they should stand the test of time and teeth. They also include an easy-to-use drain feature that allows you to drain your Bone Pool without having to lift and dump a heavy water-filled pool.

But most importantly, Bone Pools are a safe and effective way to keep your dog cool, calm, and able to tolerate anything Summer throws at them. Just look at those happy customers above! And if you’re feeling generous, you can help One Dog One Bone achieve their goal of donating pools to animal shelters across the US right here. For additional information, be sure to watch this video.