The Bowlus Volterra All-Electric RV Takes Glamping to Luxurious Extremes

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The Bowlus Volterra All-Electric RV Takes Glamping to Luxurious Extremes

Why AirBnb when you can bring your own comfortably personalized accommodations nearly anywhere and everywhere you go? That’s the premise behind the Bowlus Volterra, the world’s first all-electric RV, a luxuriously appointed 25-foot-long aerodynamic silver bullet designed for travelers seeking adventure sans the “roughing it” part of the equation.

Side profile of Bowlus Volterra parked in campground during daytime under blue sky and surrounded by trees.

The Volterra stores up to 50-gallons of water to keep occupants hydrated, while capable of extending the range of an EV tow vehicle up to 65 miles.

You may remember the Bowlus Terra Firma Limited Edition, a similarly styled luxury liner on two wheels outfitted with a laundry list of contemporary technologies and accoutrements delivering glamping galore. The new Bowlus Volterra is basically the same deal as the Terra Firma, but with twice the mobile electric power and few additional updates.

Cute white, black and brown dog standing next to its own pullout water and food bowls drawer.

Dining room configuration with two dining tables with striped linen tablecloths set for up to four people.

The heart of the new Volterra’s power is its Volterra Battery Management System, a lithium battery management system powered by the brand’s AeroSolar Solar System, resulting in a 17 kWh of all-electric power capacity (for comparison, a Tesla Powerwall offers 13.5kW of storage capacity).

Induction stovetop with two cooktops and one pot.

Induction with two cooktops means meals prepared faster and safer.

Side by side photos of Volterra's sink on the left and toilet area on right.

Shower area of Volterra with slatted wood flooring and all-mounted shower gels and shampoo.

And it needs every bit of this extended electric and solar power, with the interior cabin outfitted with creature comforts such as in-floor heating, air conditioning and heating, continuous hot water for showering, hot drinking water on-demand, LED lighting, wi-fi networking, and the option to add high-speed satellite connectivity anywhere the RV dares to venture.

AeroSolar solar power array shown angled on top of Volterra's rooftop.

Detail of backup camera for helping steer the RV trailer.

Because navigating a 25-foot trailer isn’t always easy, especially at night, Bowlus thoughtfully includes a full-color night vision camera.

This being the brand’s most luxurious and expensive model (the Volterra starts at $310,000), the RV is offered with a limited-edition La Cumbre earthen color palette inspired by the mountain peak behind Santa Barbara, California. The limited-edition interior seating – fully vegan – supposedly draws inspiration from the California sunset, with complementary hues in the bedding area executed in 100% linen duvets.

Bowlus Volterra RV being towed down a dirt road behind a Rivian EV in slate blue.

If this isn’t all luxurious enough, Bowlus also offers a Bespoke Customization Program to allow buyers to tinker and tailor the silver bullet RV trailer to their exact specifications (*Rivian not included.)

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