Bring Gourmet Cooking Outdoors with LA PLANCHA

French company ENO is launching LA PLANCHA®, a brand new way to cook in the great wild, er, or your backyard. LA PLANCHA® has been used by European chefs and now they’re bringing the cooking appliance to North America so we can up our outdoor cooking game. It’s perfect for cooking anything, from meats, fish, vegetables, to fruit – you can even cook casseroles and double-boil when you need to.


The device comes with a smooth enameled, cast-iron surface that lets you sear the food on the outside, while keeping it juicy on the inside. The “cooking by contact” technique has become more popular in France, as it allows for rapid cooking, delicious, healthy foods, and the fact that it’s easy to clean.


LA PLANCHA® heats in 5 minutes and it won’t run your guests away because it produces zero smoke. It’s fueled by propane, butane, or natural gas (through a kit).


I love how small and portable it is – it’s not that massive grill we’re so used to seeing that’s incredibly hard to clean.


LA PLANCHA® is being distributed by Jardin de Ville.




Photo by Thomas Duval

Photo by Thomas Duval

Photo by Thomas Duval

Photo by Thomas Duval


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