Buitenverblijf Nest: A Modern Cabin Escape Among the Treetops

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Buitenverblijf Nest: A Modern Cabin Escape Among the Treetops

Tucked away in the Hoge Veluwe National Park in the Netherlands lies a unique haven – Buitenplaats Koningsweg – for artists and visitors alike. The former barracks site has been transformed into a vibrant community where dozens of creatives live and work. Now, as part of an innovative project by the municipality of Arnhem, a series of 11 “follies” have emerged within the woods, offering an opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the forest. One of said follies is the Buitenverblijf Nest, an elevated cabin that blends in with its natural surroundings. Designed by NAMO Architecture and i29 Architects, the Nest is an unforgettable escape for anyone seeking tranquility while still having the creature comforts of home.

A tall wooden cabin with a balcony and stairs.

Nest is a holiday home that resembles a modern birdhouse, perched high alongside the treetops. Its sleek design, marked by a three-story tiny house atop a slim black base, is built with sustainability in mind. Constructed with high-quality materials that have minimal, if any, impact on the environment, the cabin is outfitted with all-electric installations, a highly insulated envelope, and solar panels on its sloped roof.

A tree house in the middle of a wooded area.

A modern black cabin on a stand in the woods.

A small wooden Buitenverblijf in the woods.

A black house with a window on top of it.

Nesting boxes on the exterior, which look like perches on a birdhouse, are built so that nuthatches, woodpeckers, and bats have a place to shelter. The black steel frame under the house also provides protection for nests and local animals.

A tall black cabin in the woods.

A table and chairs on a deck of an elevated house.

A front deck allows guests to enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee while taking in the surrounding landscape. A floor-to ceiling sliding glass door opens up the compact main floor to expand out to the terrace.

A modern living room with a deck, a chair, and sofa.

A living room with a circular window.

Oversized round windows frame views of the trees and wildlife while allowing natural light to keep the interior feeling open and airy.

A cabin with a round window.

A circular window in a kitchen of small modern house.

Approximately eight meters off the ground, the first level houses the open kitchen and living room with adjacent terrace.

A kitchen with a circular window in the Buitenverblijf Nest.

A circular window in a wooden cabin on stilts.

A small modern kitchen with a bar stool and a stool in a room with a window.

A wooden staircase leading to a window in a small house.

Interior view of a hallway overlooking downstairs with partial side window.

Wooden stairs lead to the middle level with the bathroom, which also features round windows so nature can be enjoyed while getting ready for the day.

A white bathroom with a round window in small house.

A white staircase in a modern cabin.

Another staircase leads to the bedroom, which sleeps four people side-by-side. The sloped wood roof creates a cozy spot to retire to at the end of the day to really make you feel like you’re one with the birds and the trees.

A room with a round window and large bed under wood pitched roof.

A bed in a triangular room of modern cabin.

If you’re looking to escape to nature but still want to be comfortable, the Buitenverblijf Nest elevated modern cabin can be yours for approximately US $179 per night. More info here.

Photography by Jeroen Musch.

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