Bulbing: Lamps that Create an Optical Illusion

Um whoa. These Bulbing lamps are flat LED lamps that look like they’re 3D. Like… really look like they’re 3D. Mind blown!

Bulbing Lamp Studio Cheha-2

From Studio Cheha, Bulbing uses 3D wire-frame images and transfers them onto flat materials, thereby creating a functional and impressive design pieces that trick your mind.

Bulbing Lamp Studio Cheha-4 Bulbing Lamp Studio Cheha-5 Bulbing Lamp Studio Cheha-3 Bulbing Lamp Studio Cheha-7 Bulbing Lamp Studio Cheha-8 Bulbing Lamp Studio Cheha-6

Now, you can “look at your lamps in a whole new light.” You can back their Kickstarter here!

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