Calico Wallpaper Unveils Latest Collection of Wallpaper: Aura

06.15.17 | By
Calico Wallpaper Unveils Latest Collection of Wallpaper: Aura

Calico Wallpaper just recently unveiled Aura, its latest collection of wallpaper during this year’s Sight Unseen OFFSITE. The New York brand was inspired by energy fields that surround us but are not seen so they experimented with aura photography, which visually captures the electromagnetic field surrounding a person and produces ethereal gradients of color. They took the results and turned them into a series of digital wallpaper that will conjure various feelings and emotions based on color psychology.


Rachel Cope, co-founder of Calico Wallpaper, discovered an aura photograph taken by Nick, her partner, when he was a kid. The vibrant image struck a cord, inspiring them to explore the idea further.







For Sight Unseen OFFSITE, they worked with The Principals on a site-specific installation that included panels of Aura and an interactive chandelier designed by The Principals that emits different sounds based on human contact. The installation was able to evoke, through sight and sound, a sense of the electricity that the human body produces.

Installation at Sight Unsee OFFSITE \\\ Photo by Adam Ryder

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