A Ginormous House Built for Entertaining by Art Arquitectos

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Casa LC is a house located in Mexico City designed by Antonio Rueda of Art Arquitectos. The massive residence is 2,000 square meters, which equals approximately 21,527 square feet (see, I said massive), and covers three specific desires: to have a social area, private area, and an entertainment area. I’m pretty sure they had no problem getting all of these spaces under this particular roof.




The social areas are centered around a central circular patio that has glass doors that slide open to bring a bit of the outdoors in. Around this perimeter, there are various spaces like the living room and dining room, the library, and a bathroom.




There are perfect views to the lush green landscape through the living room and all the way to the circular patio, and vice versa.


The library features a wall with floor-to-ceiling bookcases with staggered shelves.


The private area is set off of a square patio with a floating orange tree planted prominently in the center. Off of this space are four bedrooms and a master bedroom, all of which have an upper level space with terraces overlooking the square patio.


The entertainment area comes complete with a pool and a swimming track, game room, home theater, gym, bathroom, and a small house for guests.





Photos by Sófocles Hernández.

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