Celebrating Patricia Urquiola for Moroso
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Moroso has been celebrating their decade-long collaboration with Patricia Urquiola this year during ICFF. They are featuring her pieces in their NYC showroom as well a highlighting her newest pieces now available in the US.

Klara is a series of wood chairs, originally launched in Milan 2010 and expanded with a new settee, rocker, footstool, and tables this past April. The design works on a simple, linear aesthetic that is harmonious in its curved yet essential shape. The use of wood emphasizes its lightness and elegance. The woven cane structure, a hand crafted technique practiced in Friuli for over a century, is both functional and decorative, and calls to mind the first serial productions of the early 20th century. For Klara, Moroso decided to work with the Manzano chair-manufacturing district, a production area that represents Italian excellence in the manufacture and industrial processing of wooden chairs for over a century. The name Klara evokes a sense of tranquility (Klare in German means clear, limpid, whilst the Spanish equivalent Clara communicates serenity). Thus this project also emphasizes the importance of blending decorative art, craftsmanship and industrial design.

Silver Lake
One of her newest collections to hit the US is Silver Lake. Here Urquiola and Moroso have created an architectural style that looks back to Californian modernism of the ’50s. The Silver Lake range is composed of a sofa, an armchair and chair, all displaying a geometric interplay of solids, voids, and volumes of many-sided polyhedral forms. Silver Lake takes and retains from the ’50s a scrupulous choice of materials, whose physical and chromatic qualities are enhanced by a meticulous, deliberate combination of contrasting surfaces. Wood, steel, fabric and leather are brought together in a sculptural synthesis that references the Utopian vision of the 1950s. Silver Lake is the name of a Los Angeles neighborhood, famous for its architecture of this period.

A group of seating elements with a distinctive theme of roundness; the name in Spanish literally means “round”. The system is comprised of a sofa and two snug armchairs that evoke an almost protective intimacy. The line and form of the structure are reminiscent of a brandy glass: it consists of two adjoining volumes that together form a cocooning seat, like a shell. It does not require the addition of numerous cushions. Redondo’s curved shapes are accentuated by the complete absence of corners and by the soft fabric, chosen to offer sensory stimulation, and embellished with a quilted decoration in which the thread, like a pencil, draws elegant three-dimensional geometries.

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