Clean up Your Home (& Earth) with Blueland’s Minimalist, Refillable Cleaners

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Clean up Your Home (& Earth) with Blueland’s Minimalist, Refillable Cleaners

When we hear of any idea that helps us live a little greener and decreases our dependency on single-use plastics, we’re all ears for it, and that’s exactly the idea behind Blueland. Founded in 2019 by Sarah Paiji Yoo and John Mascari, Blueland makes clean, non-toxic household cleaners that can be refilled by activating the brand’s concentrated products with just a little H20. The brand recently expanded their line to include laundry detergent tablets, rounding out an entire suite of refillable cleaners that don’t need to contribute to our landfills every time they’re empty. How’s that for cleaning up?

While you can certainly reuse old spray bottles and Google how to make your own natural cleaners, Blueland makes the daily chore of cleaning a little more enjoyable with its minimalist, candy-colored packaging. The brand’s new Clean Suite comes with three acrylic spray bottles to make three cleaners for bathroom, glass + mirror, and multi-surfaces. All you need to do is add some warm water and a color-coded tablet that instantly starts activating once dropped in. The foaming hand soap follows the same idea, but the dish soap, dishwater tablets, and laundry detergent tablets are all dry products. The dish soap comes in a powder form to be sprinkled onto your dirty dishes using the silicone dish soap shaker, while the dishwasher tablets and laundry tablets come in steel tins.

All the refills come in compostable and recyclable paper, further reducing plastic waste, and are very affordable. At $2/tablet for the spray cleaners, it’s hard to find a more competitive alternative at your local big box store. Blueland also offers subscriptions so you don’t have to worry about needing to run out to the store and you save 10% on initial orders and refills. For those who carefully and meticulously read ingredient lists (*hand raise*), you can find them all here. All products are vegan, Leaping Bunny Certified (meaning they’re cruelty free), and are made without volatile organic compounds (VOCs)(so they’re safe for pets and children). With all these benefits for our households and our planet, the decision to clean up our clean-up act with Blueland couldn’t be easier to make.

CEO and Cofounder, Sarah Paiji Yoo

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