Clean Your Tech Screens with AM
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You don’t realize just how dirty your hands are until you get a sideways glance at your computer or iPhone screen and see your grubby fingerprints all over it. I feel like I’m constantly reaching for my shirt tail or the closest thing that’s made of fabric to wipe mine off, which I know is a complete no-no. Copenhagen-based company AM can change all that with their well-designed line of all-in-one sprays, wipes, cloths, and cleaning pumps for smartphones, tablets, computer and TV screens, and keyboards. Their mission began as a “movement against screen ‘schumtz'” and I like it.

Designed in collaboration with New York-based aruliden, the line of products aims to rid your screen surfaces of common household bacteria and fingerprints. Think about the places you carry your smartphone (ew!) and where you set it down (double ew!). The germs alone are enough for me to keep my phone in a plastic bag so I don’t have to touch it. Now we no longer have to worry!


Mist is a spray and microfiber cloth all combined into one small package to clean your laptop and desktop screens.




Spray is a little bit larger than the Mist and works on your laptop and desktop screens. The microfiber cloth clears away smudges, dirt, dust, and fingerprints from your screens and comes in blue or gray.


The almighty Blast pulls out the big guns for your large displays and TVs. Available in gray only.


The Minis are a compact version of the above with gentle microfiber sponges to clean your phones and tablet screens. Available as a 5-pack.



Pump is an all-in-one cleaning pump that’s made for large displays, keyboards, and TVs. Push the top down and the integrated microfiber sponge acquires the perfect amount of cleaner to go to town.


A 3-pack of gentle Cloths are made to clean your screens and displays.


A compact resealable package of wet Wipes you can take on the go with you when your screens need a cleaning.



You can also buy a Refill of the liquid cleaner so you never run out.

Caroline Williamson is Editorial Director of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.