Closca Fuga: A Foldable, Fashionable Bike Helmet

Let’s face it – most bike helmets are ugly and we hate them (for more reasons than that they ruin our hair), but they’re a necessity. Closca Design set out to change that with Closca Fuga, a stylish, foldable bike helmet that you won’t mind sporting on your next ride.


They smartly looked at your typical helmet and realized that there were two main issues with it – first, they’re big and bulky when it’s time to carry it around after cycling, and second, they’re not fashionable. To fix these issues, the Closca Fuga reduces in size by 50% so you can easily store it in your bag or backpack. Also, its minimalist look is sleek and streamlined so it doesn’t kill your look. Despite all these changes, the helmet still puts safely first so there’s no need to worry about your noggin (it’s safety certified in both the US and EU).



They also outfitted the helmet with NFC connection technology so you can give and receive instructions from your smartphone if it’s wired for that.






Caroline Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.