Crisp, Bright Interior Photographs by Mel Yates

03.01.13 | By
Crisp, Bright Interior Photographs by Mel Yates

London-based photographer and videographer Mel Yates has a colorful background. He studied Industrial Design at Central St. Martins School of Art, then after graduation, became a full-time assistant to music photographer Jill Furmanovsky. From there, he launched his own career as a portrait photographer, which morphed into including the subjects’ backgrounds, which eventually led to full-blown architectural and interior photographic work too. His images are bright, crisp, and clean; perfect for creating Colourlovers palettes for our CMYLK column.

Marni Elyse Katz is a Contributing Editor at Design Milk. She lives in Boston where she contributes regularly to local publications and writes her own interior design blog, StyleCarrot.