Collapsible Stainless Steel Camp Stove By Kent Hering

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Collapsible Stainless Steel Camp Stove By Kent Hering

While out on a walk in the wilderness of northern Minnesota, craftsman Kent Hering came up with the brilliant idea for the Stainless Steel Camp Stove. Instead of continuing to use gas stoves while out camping, he wanted something that was easier to use and that was American-made.

Kaufmann Mercantile Camp Stove 3

This stove is all-season, efficient, collapsible, lightweight, and easy to assemble in just a few second flat. If that wasn’t enough, it looks pretty darn good!

Kaufmann Mercantile Camp Stove 4

It’s made up of 4 laser-cut pieces of stainless steel that form a secure and durable stove. Once you’ve got it assembled, put some wood in the firebox and light it up. The stove also has an alcohol canister that can be used to light fires.

Kaufmann Mercantile Camp Stove 5

Kaufmann Mercantile sells these modern camp stoves for just 59 bucks, with 10% of the profits going to environmental initiatives. The Boy Scout in me is craving this stove bad.

Kaufmann Mercantile Camp Stove 2

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