Colony Launches The Conception Series with Molly Haynes

01.25.19 | By
Colony Launches The Conception Series with Molly Haynes

Today we’re excited to share the launch of global design and strategy firm Colony’s latest – The Conception Series. The program aims to create an exhibition of emerging American talent, and are kicking it all off with a capsule collection of graphic textiles from talented weaver Molly Haynes entitled Controlled Landscapes.

The Conception Series’ ultimate goal is to introduce emerging American designers, artists, and makers to the international contemporary design world through a series of pop-up exhibits and limited edition collections. But before getting to that point they’ll all be guided through a challenging curriculum of product development and design entrepreneurship, with the culmination of an exclusive collection, exhibit, and introduction to the greater design community.

The Conception Series’ debut creative, Molly Haynes, is a New York-based weaver who focuses on implementing inventive techniques and honoring natural materials. Through her craft, Molly’s work embodies the textures of nature, turning each piece into a controlled landscape of her own making.

Controlled Landscapes will be hosted in New York City by INC Architecture and Design, an award-winning open source, multi-disciplinary, architecture and design studio. Colony hopes that by showcasing Molly’s weavings in this stunning space, a layer of spatial discovery can be added to the program’s experience.

To see more of what Colony has to offer and what’s to come for The Conception Series, check out their site at

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