Concrete Collaborative Gives Terrazzo + Brick a Modern Makeover

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Concrete Collaborative Gives Terrazzo + Brick a Modern Makeover

How many ways can terrazzo be reinvented? As it turns out, the limit does not exist – not if Concrete Collaborative has something to say about it. The California-based manufacturer had a busy 2023 unveiling its latest collaborations and is already teasing us with sneak peeks of its 2024 line. But first, let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to…

woman sitting in chair with tile samples

Tiffany Howell

Inspired by “Stealing Beauty,” a 1996 romance and drama film by Bernardo Bertolucci, founder Tiffany Howell of Night Palm Interior Design created a range of terrazzo, for the Night Palm x Stealing Beauty collection that is particularly memorable for its chunky pieces of aggregate mixed in with smaller flecks that terrazzo is known for. Lolita, Paradiso, Smoking Jacket, and Gia are named after Howell’s favorite cinematic moments, poetry, and love for vintage fashion – all designed to evoke Italian villa aesthetics.

tile samples on table

wine glass on tile samples

feet next to four tile samples

woman sitting at table with tile samples

Eny Lee Parker

Designer Eny Lee Parker is no stranger to raw materials – clay is the main medium for her ceramic forms. Hence, her Eny Lee Parker x Salt collection of small tiles pays homage to the handmade, imperfect textures and earthy colors of salt tiles, reflective of her own works. Whether used to cover surfaces or furniture, the tiles give a grounding feel to any space with their hues of milk, pine, cocoa, denim, and kiwi.

hand touching a ceramic green flower next to tile samples

tile samples

white bath tub in bathroom

bathroom covered in brown square tiles

woman standing next to brick samples

Sarah Sherman Samuel

Finally, brick gets a makeover at the hands of designer Sarah Sherman Samuel. The new shape of the SSS x Brick is inspired by columns from ancient architecture, while the terracotta color is borrowed from traditional brick. Also available in ivory, olive, and taupe, these modern fluted bricks can transform a fade, interior feature wall, or fireplace surround.

terracotta fluted bricks stacked on top of each other

3 fluted brick samples

feet next to five fluted bricks

woman standing next to fluted brick wall

For more information on the Night Palm x Stealing Beauty, Eny Lee Parker x Salt, and Sarah Sherman Samuel x Brick collections, visit

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