Concrete Collaborative Shoots for the Half Moon With Natalie Myers

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Concrete Collaborative Shoots for the Half Moon With Natalie Myers

Concrete Collaborative and award-winning designer Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs have joined forces to create a new tile collection that has us seeing stars (and moons). Named the Half Moon x Strands collection, the collaborative project pairs CC’s Strands encaustic patterned tiles with Meyers’ half moon and crescent shape designs for a full collection of six different tiles. The terrazzo finish, CC’s signature style, is softened by the curved shapes, which can also configure with the solid and lined tiles to create a unique design. The collection can be adapted to different color ways as well, so the possibilities are endless.

Natalie Myers

Myers, who’s known for her “Scandifornian style”, was inspired to create something that hasn’t been seen in the tile marketplace.

I was instantly smitten with Concrete Collaberative’s terrazzo tile as the answer to more than a few design dilemmas and started specifying their Venice tile immediately. So many amazing combinations of colored chips and background concrete, it was always hard to choose the “right” one. Kate Balsis casually mentioned to me that if I ever had an idea for tile to bring it to her. I clung onto that a little too passionately. WHAT IF there was a tile with more than one type of terrazzo colors? What if we could combine a few of their groundbreaking concrete material options into one tile?

Working closely with Kate and Hailey Weller (Partner at Concrete Collaborative] through development, we landed on a series of geometric shaped tiles that could be installed in a number of ways to invoke Art Deco patterns. Being one that would never want to introduce a new product to the marketplace if something similar already existed, I was looking for an element that would set it apart and fill a void. Bringing in the crescent shape was the aha moment. Not only does it offer a new form we haven’t seen a lot of in tile design, it also intrinsically adds a layer of natural wonder and playful symbolism by referencing the moon’s phases.

Half Moon x Strands is available in a box of 13 tiles for $175 or visit to inquire about custom orders.

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