Concreto By Daniele Ragazzo

Inspired by the walls found in Liguria, which have pieces of glass frozen in cement, designer Daniele Ragazzo was inspired to create the Concreto Console and Coffee Table. More than just pieces of furniture, they highlight a single philosophy — that which might be considered frail can still sustain something much more solid. A poem by Montale came to Daniele’s mind, where the metaphor of life is described as “a wall topped with sharp bits of glass from broken bottles.” As a result, the Concreto Console and Coffee Table are made of fiber-reinforced concrete with colored glass, amber, and brass. The colored glass creates a delicate chromatic interplay, highlighting the unique quality of the product.





daniele ragazzo_concreto01

daniele ragazzo_concreto02

daniele ragazzo_concreto03

daniele ragazzo_concreto04

daniele ragazzo_concreto05

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