Condominio Monti: Live in Rome, but Make it Modern

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Condominio Monti: Live in Rome, but Make it Modern

They say all roads lead to Rome—it seems so with both the old and the modern.

In the Monti district of Rome, a neighborhood known for wineries, bars and craft shops, a new boutique hotel—Condominio Monti—caters to modern design lovers who like their history with a touch of color.

Starting at the entrance, three arched mirrors borrow their shape from the arcades of the Colosseum. Inside, pops of neon take from the colors of the more bohemian Monti district. Music plays from Marshall amplification systems, on the walls hang striking Elena Campa prints, and the warm wooden floorboards offer the feeling that this is less of a hotel and more of a home—somewhere you can take your shoes off and really feel comfortable in.

Kaja Osinki and Filippo Ribacchi, the two entrepreneurs behind the project as well as the hospitality brand Living Roma, have specifically tailored their rooms to have a design edge for travelers who care about their space. Architect Matteo Soddu of STUDIOTATAMAT retained the architectural and interior design elements of a traditional Roman house, but it is the custom designed finishes and shades that create a modern feel.

These shades, finishes, fabrics, patterns, and objects were carefully selected by Sabina Guidotti of Bludiprussia. In the bedrooms, bold headboard colors contrast with muted jade, pink, and grey walls and decorative wallpapers.

The project takes up two buildings on via Serpenti. At 109 via Serpenti is the reception area as well as the private rooms and a panoramic terrace on the rooftop for guests. This is a popular spot for travelers to enjoy their breakfasts or an aperitif at sunset under a green pergola, with views of the Colosseum and the apse of the Church of Sant’Agata dei Goti.

At 111 via Serpenti are independent studio flats designed for larger groups or guests looking for more privacy. Each is furnished with a private kitchen, living room, and colored wooden beams for ceilings—and you get the feeling that you’ll hardly have reason to leave. To top things off, on the uppermost floor of this building is a 45sqm suite with its own private terrace and pergola.

What: Condominio Monti
Where: Via dei Serpenti, 109, 00184 Roma RM, Italy
How much? Room prices start at $116
Highlight: A warm, modern hotel right beside the Roman steps and the Colosseum makes you feel like you’re living in the right century of history—and a modern one at that.
Book it: Visit Condominio Monti

Photos by Serena Eller Vainicher.

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