Confederate Motorcycles Unveils the R-Code Combat Bomber at The Quail

08.28.17 | By
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Amid the sea of exotic supercars and priceless vintage models on display at last week’s annual auto show, The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, a throng of curious onlookers crept ever closer to inspect the intricate muscularity of the most powerful Confederate Motorcycle ever built: the limited-edition FA-13 Combat Bomber.

The Quail was the stage where attendees could inspect two examples of Confederate’s handcrafted motorcycles. Carved from military-spec billet construction mandate, the R-Code Combat Bomber’s stealth-matte anodized finish and heritage style detailing was in display as both a celebration and the last hurrah for the Birmingham, Alabama specialty manufacturer. Confederate President Matt Chambers announced the FA-13 Combat Bomber was the company’s final Confederate-branded offering; they’ll be switching to a new moniker – Curtiss Motorcycles – a historic nod to Glenn Curtiss, an early pioneer of motorcycle speed records.

The bigger announcement was Curtiss Motorcycles’ announcement to switch from gas powered motorcycles to an upcoming electric powered bike, a decision motivated by the limitations of gasoline powered engines. A partnership with Zero Motorcycles of Santa Cruz will result in a yet to be released 175 horsepower model good for 290 pound-feet of torque.

But for now, we can all enjoy the audacity of a hand-built 150-horsepower motorcycle with a $155,000 price tag that looks like nothing else on the road today.

From Matt Chambers, Confederate founder and CEO:

Suddenly it’s 1970. The era of the great American muscle bike, with its outsized bore and stroke, world leading low RPM torque, long push rods and air-cooled simplicity is coming to an end. With the R-Code Combat Bomber we go out with a bang, not a whimper.

One of two Confederate Motorcycles on display at The Quail. Photo: Gregory Han

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