Configure the Modular Adaptive System to Any Size + Use

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Configure the Modular Adaptive System to Any Size + Use

If you’ve been searching for a flexible way of making everything from bookshelves to buffets to storage systems and more, look no further than Bespoke Creative’s Modular Adaptive system (MA for short). The modular furniture system is a simple solution designed by Viktor Skorikov and can be configured to any size and ordered in an almost unlimited number of finishes, laminates, coatings and veneers. The result is a custom piece of furniture at a lower cost and faster turnaround than a traditional modular system or high-end custom work.

Skorikov says, “I got inspired to make this because I saw how one could use CNC machinery and modern CAD systems to generate very dynamic and easy to modify designs and then execute them all in-house. I wanted to make something truly scalable, and yet fully customizable, while keeping as much of production in my own hands as possible.”

MA combines high quality craftsmanship, nearly endless customization, speed of delivery and beautiful, simple design. It’s a system designed to fit into any space serving a number of purposes, and can be ordered in any height, width, length and depth, specifiable down to 100th of an inch.

Use the same pieces in any number of configurations as your needs change without any signs of wear and tear. Individual pieces of the system are easy to assemble with no specialized tools and ship flat packed. Manufacturing and milling of the all-metal frame occurs in Burbank, California by Viktor and his cofounder and wife, Christine.

Designer Viktor Skorikov

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