Conversa Offers Endless Configurations for Contract Spaces

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Conversa Offers Endless Configurations for Contract Spaces

Like the notorious Snake game found on ‘90s Nokia phones, the Conversa Modular Lounge series by Kentucky-based contract furniture manufacturer KFI Studios challenges you to create the perfect configuration, block by block, for the best flow. Created in collaboration with Union Design, an award-winning studio founded by Jeff Theesfeld, this new collection is KFI Studios’ first ever modular seating series, offering limitless arrangement possibilities with 14 seat modules and 4 FSC-certified wood table modules that attach with ganging brackets.

A modern lounge area with teal modular seating, white tables, and a few yellow and green cushions, all arranged in a spacious, well-lit room with wooden floors

Beyond the endless ways you can arrange the Conversa series, its look is also highly customizable with upholstery available in a large selection of graded-in textiles. Manufacturing can also accommodate customers who provide their own yardage for a fully bespoke solution. The table bases (available in White, Black, Silver, and Sapphire Blue) can be paired with stained wood tabletops (in Natural, Cream, Timber, Coffee, Black, Clay, Navy, and Evergreen) or laminate tabletops (in 26 standard Wilsonart colors). Whether you choose to go monochromatic or pick several hues to create a mosaic-like effect, there are no limits in creating the perfect color scheme for your space.

A modern office lounge features teal modular seating, white tables, and a laptop. Natural light streams through large windows and partitions provide semi-private areas

A modern bench with teal cushions and two pillows, one round yellow and one cylindrical yellow. A small table in the middle holds a book and a round white device. The floor is light wooden

Outlets to power tech devices can be mounted on the sides of the seats, and the hollow construction of the modules helps manage and conceal cables for a clean look. And for those seeking a touch more privacy, the Calm Screen may be added around the seating modules.

Two modern seating areas separated by curved, ribbed partitions. Each area has a teal armchair and a round yellow cushion on a light wood floor, with sunlight streaming in from the left

Modular teal seating units with mustard and beige triangular cushions arranged on top, set on a wood floor beside a white side table

KFI Studios also launched the plush Atmos Pillows, which can be added to the Conversa Modular Lounge or any other seating to enhance comfort and utility. Available in five geometric shapes with the same upholstery options, Atmos creates a more homey, lived-in feel for commercial spaces.

A modern modular seating arrangement with teal upholstered benches and a circular ottoman on a light wood floor. A yellow bolster pillow and a magazine on the ottoman are visible

With a variety of color combinations, forms, and accessories, contract furnishings just got a little more exciting.

Two brown cushioned seats with high, curved, gray partitions facing each other, separated by a modern black rectangular table. The setting is minimalistic and isolated on a white background

A modular, rectangular sectional sofa with rounded edges, upholstered in orange fabric, positioned against a plain white background

A modular seating set with a long rectangular section and two round sections. All pieces are upholstered in light brown fabric

A modular, multi-colored seating arrangement with rectangular and square cushions is displayed against a white background

A modular, dark teal sofa with a zig-zag shape consisting of interconnected, curved sections displayed on a white background

Two L-shaped green sofas with a small wooden table in between them, arranged to form a U-shape

A modern green modular sofa with clean lines, featuring a yellow and a brown throw pillow. The sofa has a minimalist design with a low back and block-style cushions

A modular gray sofa with a built-in light wood and white center console table. The configuration includes three seats on the left and an armchair on the right

A modular gray and green sofa set with semi-circular high backrests and integrated side table

A top view of five variously shaped cushions in shades of green, beige, and yellow, arranged on a white surface

five variously shaped cushions in shades of green, beige, and yellow, arranged on a white surface

green triangle cushion

long brown lumbar pillow

An overhead view of a green, oval-shaped object with a textured surface, resembling a cushion or pouf, set against a plain white background

dome shape pink pillow

blue circle pillow

To learn more about the Conversa Modular Lounge series or the Atmos Pillows, visit

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