Cork: The Underrated Material You Need More of in Your Home

06.11.21 | By
Cork: The Underrated Material You Need More of in Your Home

When you hear the word “cork,” you probably think of wine, an office board or Birkenstocks. To us, cork is the underdog of materials. It’s a natural, sustainable material that doesn’t just keep your wine fresh, your notes on a board or your feet comfortable. We love how emerging brands and designers are utilizing cork to create a variety of modern objects, like coasters, vases, trays, planters, even salt and pepper shakers! It’s a more playful material than wood that still adds an element of natural warmth to your home. Here are some of our favorite cork-crafted pieces to add to your home accessories collection.

>>> Atlas Hanging Cork Planter by mind the cork

>>> Clork Clock by Puik Design

>>> Pebble Cork Bowl by mind the cork

>>> Ceramic Jar by cordxclay

>>> Gray Felt + Cork Coaster Set by Oakywood

>>> Boeien Salt + Pepper Set by Puik Design

>>> Emke Cork Vessel in Ash Cork Lid by mind the cork

>>> Cork Bud Vase by Melanie Abrantes

>>> Bottlit Large Canister by KINTO

>>> Salt Pond Tray by Space Ctrl Design

>>> Ceramic Canister by Bisarro Ceramics

>>> For more cork products, head to the Design Milk Shop here! <<<

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