Crave Allows You to Personalize Your Pleasure

Topics that revolve around words like sex, vibrators and pleasure used to have a heavy stigma attached to them but thankfully these days, people have become more open to the conversation. Rather than blush in shame or embarrassment, we can choose to be uninhibited by our desires, make these conversations a norm, and own our pleasure proudly instead. That’s what Crave wants to do and their latest launch, the Crave Duet Pro coupled with a unique, hands-on Build-A-Vibe experience, can help you do just that.

The Duet Pro is a modern, thoughtfully-designed sex toy that elevates your most intimate moments. It features a personalized programming capability that Crave spent over a year developing, knowing that pleasure is never one size fits all. The dual tip design helps you focus on specific stimulations and with Crave’s MyVibes app, you can program your own patterns of vibrations to tailor to your own wants and needs. You can play around with the different settings or just use the 16 pre-programmed vibration patterns that come already installed with the Duet Pro. It’s also rechargeable with a built in USB port and fully waterproof for easy cleaning and for use in the shower.

Crave is taking it a step further to support your pleasure with their virtual Build-A-Vibe experience, a virtual replication of their popular Build-A-Vibe Airstream Lab which they took across the US over the years to help people work directly with a Crave technician to build their own Duet vibrator to take home. As a perk of their Duet Pro launch on Kickstarter, you can pledge and receive a virtual Zoom session with a Crave technician (or even Ti Chang, founder of Crave, herself!) who will guide you through building and programming your Duet Pro.

We wanted to ask Ti more about this unique product and experience so we chatted with her:

Why did you decide to create the BAV experience?

We created this BuildAVibe experience because we wanted to provide an activity that provides a fun, easy way for starting conversations around pleasure. Pleasure and sexuality are topics that are sometimes awkward and difficult for people to talk about. This is especially true when the design of the products is embarrassing and of poor taste.

We found that when we provide a comfortable environment and thoughtful experience through the activity and by the way we talk about the design and engineering of the product, people start to feel that this topic is “normal.”

When you understand that the design consideration for this product is no different than any other modern product, the conversation no longer feels taboo and THAT is what this is all about: removing the stigma.

What do you think are the barriers stopping people from “owning their pleasure” and how can we start to break them down?

The barriers that stop people from owning their pleasure start in early childhood when we are taught to be ashamed of our bodies and our desires. We were told that our private parts are dirty and areas that we should not explore and learn about ourselves. As we become adults that message is further solidified by the culture, religion and media. This is especially true for women as they learn that pleasure doesn’t belong to them, and absorb the idea that their role is to serve others.

To Own Your Pleasure is to feel valid about who you are sexually and getting the pleasure you deserve. That means learning about your body and being able to communicate with your partner(s) about what you want and don’t want.

Are there any new products coming soon? Any hints? ;)

This is strongly dependent on what happens with our world and the pandemic. This year, the world as we’ve known it has completely changed – as a company, I think it’s important to not be tone-deaf to what is going on in the world and pretend nothing has happened. We want to put products out in the world that are relevant and helpful, so we can only wait and see what happens and see what feels right.

What do you want to work on next?

My beauty sleep.

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