Credenza O & Console O Oak Storage Pieces by JiB design studio

09.13.12 | By
Credenza O & Console O Oak Storage Pieces by JiB design studio

London-based JiB design studio, headed by Je-Uk Kim, is about to launch two new pieces of furniture at 100% Design in London this month. While the company works in various aspects of design from architectural to product, their furniture is truly sublime. Inspired by your basic indoor garden, they decided to combine modern and useful storage pieces with sunken gardens on top making each practical and beautiful.

The tops are filled with handmade vessels by ceramist Sun Kim, all of which can be used to hold plants, things, or just as an empty decorative object.

Credenza O works at multiple viewpoints depending on what height you’re at. From above or a standing position, you notice the circular patterns of the vessels, but while seated you can see the bases of them through the hole in the front.

The vessels can also be removed to fill the space with other things like books.

Console O is a bit smaller and instead of the vessels disappearing below the surface top, they actually peek over the top. Oak lids can also be used to cover the pieces to create a tabletop.

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