CROWDY HOUSE Makes It Easier to Buy Independent Design

09.15.15 | By
CROWDY HOUSE Makes It Easier to Buy Independent Design

After seeing thousands and thousands of great design here on Design Milk, it’s easy to say we want it all. However, it’s not always easy to purchase what we write here about, which is a common problem from independent designers. Despite having good design and an audience, it can be difficult to raise enough resources to finance products. This is where CROWDY HOUSE comes in.


Similar to a crowd funding platform, it takes it to a different level. Not only are people just investors, they’re also buyers. The money that is invested goes towards production, and investors will immediately get the product they helped design. Essentially, the customer decides what goes into production by investing. At the same time, more of the wholesale price goes back to the designer.


Currently, CROWDY HOUSE is carrying products from a bunch of independent designers, some of which may look familiar. You can purchase a macaron inspired lamp, stylish backpacks, marble trays, or colorful memphis-style lamps.









Check out CROWDY HOUSE’S full collection here.

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